Thursday, January 28, 2010

Introducing a non-bruised Mason/Pete (whatever you want to call him)

Okay since I am not great at updating this is at least something. Mason had to be on the lights for 4 days so the poor guy was banished for almost a week to this terrible bed. But truth be told I think he kind of liked them because he always seemed really relaxed.

Both Cooper and Payton love to hold the baby.

Kolt has always liked blankets but he now LOVES whatever blanket Mason has. Whenever I am feeding Mason guaranteed Kolt will come over and try taking his blanket. All in all though Kolt is doing so well and I think he has already forgotten that Mason was never here.
part of the reason i never blog is because i can never figure how to get my pictures on and arranged cute. so sorry it is an ugly layout i just hate spending the time making it cute.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yep just one shy of a basketball team!

Mason Pete Redd
1.7.10 8lbs. 19in
It took a while for us to come up with a name, but this was our compromise. Everyone is doing really well. As you can see Mason was pretty bruised he is getting better everyday we will post more pics soon (yes soon not in 10 months)