Saturday, January 12, 2008

Birthday-Christmas-La Sal.........(i'm never caught up!)

Ok so poor Payton was sick on his birthday, which was Dec. 14, yes full on throwing up everything a bazillion times. It was the first time he has had the flu and I felt so bad for him. So we did a quick little birthday cake the next day, nothing special, but we did our best. Now 1 month later he will finally tell you he is 1!!!

Christmas was a blast Cooper really liked it Payton was a little overwhelmed.


tim and monica said...

Oh, Payton throwed his bones. Poor kid. You have such cute boys. I can't believe how old Cooper looks.

Jamie and Brady said...

That picture of Payton eating his cake looked like Cooper to me at first! I'm glad to see Coopers Batman jammies fit him...I was a little worried. They are such good little boys, I love em!