Friday, February 29, 2008

I am far behind

Okay so we sold our house and have yet to find something we like in Logan... So we are in with my parents YIPEE!  thanks mom and dad we owe you.  anyhow the have a mac and I a pretty mac retarded so I don't know how to upload pics onto my blog etc.  So until we have a house none of you get to see pics.  I know the suspense may kill you!

Cooper.  loves kyle's dog coco.  He thinks you are only supposed to tell coco "NO COCO DON'T BItE ME!" "SIT" and "DOWN COCO"  all yelling of course.  but he really does love that dog.  No don't think that I am a sucker we still will remain dogless for many many years!  We also play guitar hero quite often, he sings i play (i'm pretty dang good all you doubters)
Payton. My goodness he is such a side-stepper.  He walks everywhere now and it seems that corners are easier to maneuver as a side-step it is pretty funny.  He also loves to jump which involves squatting all the way to the ground with a fast movement up and no feet leaving the ground.  He sings and dances constantly which may be a good thing or a bad thing you decide.  
Spring Fling:   Here' s the deal anyone who is not excited better get excited because the 3rd generation is in desperate need for a spring fling.  attitudes better improve and everyone better be ready to party like is 1999!! that's right.  anyway I'll get off my soapbox.  I am so excited for spring fling and can't wait to see everyone!


nicci said...

an update? what the ----! haha i love you!! and i'm super excited about spring fling and always bring it up in my comments to everyone. there will be dancing right?!?!?! i'm sure you all want to see that!

tim and monica said...

I am seriously counting down the days until Spring Fling. Don't worry about a lack of excitement from me. I can't wait. Thanks for the update. Your boys are so dang cute.

Anonymous said...

No lack of excitement on my's gonna be off the hizzy for shizzy. We may have to pull out the runway?

The Mallory's said...

Oh snap. Did Jamie say there'd be a runway!? I'm counting down the days too. I've only got one month to practice my runway. Because I AM THE BOSLEY'S NEXT TOP MODEL!!! WATCH OUT!

Lisa Summers & Fam said...

I hope you don't mind me checking things out today. I noticed you were looking for a house and had a friend tell me she was selling hers, but it is in Hyrum. I didn't know if that would work for you, but you can go to my blog and then go to Cassie. She said if you leave a comment she will contact you with the inof if you are interested.

Heidi said...

McKell - I am so happy I came across your blog. You have such a cute little family! I have been wanting to see pictures. I talked to your mom when we visited their ward and she is one proud grandma! I can see why! They are so dang cute!... with such a cute mom!