Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My Hero!

I just wanted to put up some cute pictures I had of the boys since I'm always so behind. They are the cutest brothers. They are always looking out for each other. They are just so cute. I do have a funny story from today. So I am terrified of spiders. I know I am 5000 times bigger than them but I am just afraid of them what can I say. So today I am getting ready to scour my kitchen and when I got to the table there was the biggest grossest spider on it. Sick I know, and I was alone with Payton (cooper was asleep). So I called Christian, Casey and Wendi and they were all unavailable. I was shocked that they didn't all just drop everything to take care of my problem. Anyhow Payton and I teamed up I would throw shoes at it and he would go get the shoes (I never got a direct hit) After about 1/2 hour of this Cooper woke up. So yes, being the great mother I am, I sent him in. I showed him how to kill it and told him where to go. I was jumping, cheering, and jabbing with the broom and he was just a swinging at the spider with his shoe, He did it he killed the spider. I was so proud!!! Really so relived. I know that I am a chicken but now I know I can just ask him to do it!!!


Jamie and Brady said...

This story is insane, Brady thinks this is the funniest thing ever. Good thing for Cooper, that little spider could've taken over your whole day! Or spun massive webs with thousands of little baby spider all over your house! mwuhuhuhu (dracula laugh)

monica said...

McKell, you are hilarious! I love that story, especially since today I was screaming and swinging a cord at a spider. And Matthew was shouting, "Get the spider-bug! Get the spider-bug, Mom!"

And I love the updated pictures. Such handsome Redd boys.

Lisa B. said...

What does your Grandma think of this story? I do almost the same thing with the snakes in my yard.

Tasha said...
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