Saturday, November 15, 2008

some cute pics of the boys

so here are some pics of halloween and cooper's birthday. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is a very important part of our life and Cooper asked everyday where his shell was. Naturally Payton also had to be a turtle. Cooper also has a new love of swords so he deemed himself Leonardo Payton was Michelangelo. Those costumes as pretty dang cute. Thanks to Lisa Bird and Grandma for ideas and sewing skills love you guys.

In case there were any doubters YES I made cooper's b-day cake. (for all of you making fun, that is indeed superman) I had much help from Bridget. We are thinking of going into business together.

And yes that is Christian in that great big tigger costume I guess you could say he really go into Halloween this year!!


Huggins family said...

how cute, your cake is darling and also coop looks just like you holy cow. damn it add me to you blog hahahahaha

The Robbins said...

First off, I think you guys have THEE CUTEST little boys. What little heart-breakers they will be. And Second, if the picture of Christian in the Tigger suit is anywhere on my computer screen, I can't keep from laughing! I'm laughing just typing about it!

Grandma Duffy said...

The cake is really cute. One of the fun things about being a mommy! You are such a cute mommy.

monica said...

That cake is great. I could never had done that. And I love the picture of Cooper opening up presents with no pants on. Both my boys prefer underwear/diapers to pants. I can't believe they actually make Tigger costumes in adult. That's hilarious.

Jamie and Brady said...

Ummm, time out........You made that cake? What the hell?! And Christian, you better be glad you didn't wear that Tigger costume to the family party, we don't let things like that slide.

The Mallory's said...

I'm so glad your back! I almost gave up on you. I need to see pictures of your cute pregnant belly and when are you due? I've heard mixed stories. It seems like no one really knows. Your boys are too cute! Can't wait to see them again. I hope all is well.

That cake is awesome by the way!