Tuesday, January 13, 2009

now on to Christmas

Okay so 3 post in 1 day is pretty awesome for me. maybe I should try to put them on a little closer to the actual date. Wendi's wedding and the baby will be my next tests. I will have wedding pics up on sunday and hopefully baby pictures up a couple weeks after that (all depends on the little guy).......Anyway Christmas was a blast the boys kindof got it this year which was so fun. Santa didn't have to get much because of all the wonderful things all of their grandmas and grandpas gave them. So thank you everyone. The boys know who gave them each gift and usually bring up your name while they are playing. Thanks again.


Michael . Heidi . Mason said...

Handsome Little Men you have! So fun to see you guys!

Grandma Duffy said...

Your boys are "so stinkin cute"! I totally agree. Thanks for the Christmas card! I haven't sent any...tooo busy this year.

Jeff, Jack & Sadie said...

So fun, cant wait to see pic's of the new little one and of the wedding. I am happy for her! Need more info on that. Wish I wasn't so far away.


email me so we can change numbers and talk.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah!!! Welcome back!!!!

The Mallory's said...

Yes, your boys are so stinkin' cute!!!

I didn't know this but the terrible twos can start before they turn two. Apparently I'm dealing with it right now. It really sucks. Be glad you haven't had to deal with it.

Can't wait to see pictures of the next little Redd!