Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our baby has arrived!!!!

Alright we had the arrival of baby number 3 today at 2:30. His official stats were 7 lbs 5 oz and 20 inches long. If you are wondering why I haven't announced the name that is because we are still undecided. On our nursing board we have 4 names listed and are requesting votes from anyone that comes in. The names are: Colt Beckham Kolt Hardison (christian's dad's name) H. Masen and Kid Redd. Feel free to comment on your name of choice :). The delivery went well as you can see Christian thinks he is a doctor now because they allowed him to suit up and catch the baby. Don't mind the baby's purple face he is slightly bruised, he even has a sticker in his cart that says don't worry I am naturally purple (so that no one thinks he is having breathing issues). Cooper and Payton are a little unsure of this whole thing, but they really concerned they constantly ask what the baby is doing and they always let us know when he is crying. We are so excited he his here. Life is GOOD!!!!


Abby said...

Congrats!! Good Luck on the name, I hated that decision

birdbabies said...

I think Kolt Hardison is a cute name :) what happened to Hudson? congrats you guys, hope to see you and baby soon.

The Robbins said...

Wow I didn't know how soon you were to deliver..Congrats! Three cute boys to love on (actually four I guess)! That is awesome they let Christian grab the baby on the way out! He'll never forget that! Good luck with everything, you guys are such cute parents.