Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank Goodness it isn't the Swine flu

So I always feel so bad when my boys get sick, and we got hit with the flu. Cooper puked Wednesday afternoon and then was sick the rest of the day, Payton acted great.
Thursday Cooper had diahrrea the poor kid sharted twice and didnt' know what hit him. We put a pull up on him and he felt way better about that so his underwear wouldn't get dirty. Payton still acted fine.
Friday Cooper woke up at 4:30 and puked, Payotn woke up at 6:30 and got in bed with us, by 7:00 he was puking and has basically puked everyhour since then and it is now 1:30.
I have to say even though it sucks to be so helpless when they feel like crap some cute things have happened. Payton and Cooper both are champs at making it most of the time to the toilet. One time when Payton needed to throw-up I stepped away and came back to Cooper standing behind him telling him he was okay and that he would help him. It was so cute.
wish us luck at the sick house!


Holly said...

So Mckell, I am glad they didn't have the swine flu thing. Guess who was throwing up all last night... Jace! Boooo... I hate the stomach flu!

Grandma Duffy said...

I am happy to see you posting but sorry the boys are sick. One of the rough things about being a parent! Update us on the baby!! Please!

Lisa B. said...

I hate frowpy days. Yesterday we were at in intersection and Ava told me she was going to frowp and I jumped out let her frowp on the road. We missed the light, but no one even honked.